Flooding at Rheinbach Campus of H-BRS

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Last updated 23.Juli 2021

Überschwemmung am Campus Rheinbach - Foto M. Ellenberger
Flooding at Rheinbach Campus taken the day after the storm. Photo: Ellenberger

The Rheinbach Campus of Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg is affected by the flooding of Wednesday, 14 July 2021, in the Cologne/Bonn region. No operations are possible there at the moment. There is a general ban on entering the campus. Until 31 July 2021, the campus may only be visited in urgent exceptional cases and after consultation with the heads of the departments and sections of the university. Against all odds, the university's Rheinbach departments are looking forward to the upcoming winter semester and would like to ensure that first-year students have a successful start to their studies and that all students are able to study successfully thanks to tried-and-tested (online) offerings.

Information on examinations

The departments will provide information on the further procedure regarding examinations.

Contact details

Marco Winzker, Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Continuing Education, informed students in an e-mail on 21 July about further regulations regarding examinations. Individual passages of the e-mail can be found in the news Regulations for examinations due to the flooding
(updated: 21 July)

Information on final exams

Students who are currently working on their theses are also affected by the storm. There are regulations for them as well. In his letter to students dated 21 July, Marco Winzker informs them: "Please note that due to the Corona pandemic, in several departments the deadline for all final theses has already been extended by one month. If this is not sufficient due to the heavy rainfall disaster, you can additionally interrupt your thesis by up to four weeks or one month. More details are regulated by the departments." (updated: 21 July)

Information for staff

Until further notice, it will not be possible to work on the Rheinbach campus. The university management asks that you only visit the campus in urgent, exceptional cases and after consultation with the head of the department or division. Anyone entering the buildings does so at their own risk. This regulation is initially valid until 31 July 2021.

Staff at the Rheinbach site will work on a mobile basis if possible. In addition, it is currently being examined whether alternative workplaces can be made available at the Sankt Augustin location. Further information from the Human Resources and Legal Affairs Department on the work situation in Rheinbach and the possibility of time off work for those affected by the flood disaster is available to logged-in users on the intranet. (updated: 20 July, 17.30)

Clean-up has begun

The university has begun to clean up the massive storm damage at the Rheinbach campus. In coordination with the fire brigade, it is having the surface water on the outdoor campus pumped out. The flooded basement rooms will follow at a later date; the university is currently still in consultation with the fire brigade on this.

The technical infrastructure of the campus was completely paralysed by the flooding on 14 July 2021, as all systems - for example, the electrical distributions - are located in the basement. In the meantime, the laboratory building (F) and the BusinessCampus (E) are being supplied with electricity again.

The extent of the total damage caused by the flooding cannot yet be estimated. It is to be assumed that the removal of the damage and the restoration will take a longer period of time.
(updated: 19. Juli, 18.30)

Content Delivery Platform (CDP) down

Due to flooding at the Rheinbach campus, the university's Content Delivery Platform (CDP) is down. "Due to the extent of the damage, it must be assumed that it will not be available for a longer period of time," the library's e-learning team informs. Instructors who want to provide material for current exam preparation can contact support in the central e-learning team. The Institute for IT Service is working on providing the platform from Sankt Augustin on a transitional basis. (last updated 16 July, 18.00)


Pictures of the flooding of the university buildings