Abgeschlossene Promotionen

Dr. Rita Cornely
Beschreibung von Molekülen mit unscharfen Deskriptoren

Prof. Dr. Ronny Hartanto
Fusing DL Reasoning with HTN Planning as a Deliberative Layer in Mobile Robotics

Dr. Nico Hochgeschwender
Design and Development of Adaptive Robot Perception Architectures

Dr. Anastassia Küstenmacher
Improving the Reliability of Service Robots in the Presence of External Faults

Dr. Thorsten Merten
Automatic Data Categorization in Issue Tracking Systems

Dr. Oliver Schwaneberg
Concept, System Design, Evaluation and Safety Requirements for a Multispectral Sensor

Dr. Holger Steiner
Robust Skin Detection and Verification with an Active Near-Infrared Camera System