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Centrum für Entrepreneurship, Innovation und Mittelstand


At CENTIM - Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SMEs - we strive to be a supportive and transformative partner to our students, staff and alumni by promoting entrepreneurial values and thinking. Our goal is to strengthen the innovative SME and startup ecosystem within the university and the region Bonn-Rhein-Sieg.

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We integrate the concepts of entrepreneurship, innovation and SMEs in teaching, research and transfer.  We offer experimential learning, provide advisory services as well as access to local and international networks to all those interested in gaining and improving their entrepreneurial background.

Within H-BRS, we serve as the central contact point for students, employees, graduates and researchers on subjects related to self-employment, business establishment and development of tools to enhance the entrepreneurial mindset and motivate action.

Our objectives

CENTIM aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem for the creation and growth of entrepreneurships.

The overarching objectives are:

  • To motivate, support and advise students, alumni and employees interested in setting up a company in their startup projects
  • To raise awareness of internal and external actors for topics related to startups by linking entrepreneurship, innovation and SMEs
  • To transfer startup competencies and qualifications in teaching
  • To promote startups and innovation at H-BRS 
  • To provide support services  such as research consulting and training
  • To provide (further) training to relay know-how relevant to SMEs in the regions

Our team consists of professors and employees of different disciplines. This way, interdisciplinarity and diversity of topics are embedded in teaching, research and consulting.

CENTIM transfers knowledge and innovations into society, for example, by working closely with partner networks such as the DIGITALHUB.DE, the BusinessCampus and the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg Chamber of Industry and Commerce.