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Institut für IT-Service (ITS)

How can I access the central university services?

How to start the self registration for MIA.

First go to MIA to start the self-registration. This step is obligatory to get your login data for central university services. You need your student ID card for this process. In case you only changed your course of studies and already have access to all systems, you do not need to complete the self-registration process.

Important: the Self-registration with MIA is only possible once! Each subsequent try results in error code SSPR 5021. Should you have forgotten your newly set MIA password or not written down your department code, please contact your department's IT-Administrator or ServicePoint.

During the self-registration process you will be asked to assign a password. Your MIA password will be the password you use to access most university services, such as your emails via the OWA. You will also receive your login ID (the so-called department code, e.g. mmuste1s), which you use to log in to most university services.

Please write down your department code as well as your MIA password during the self-registration process!

After the self-registration you have access to the following services:

  • E-Mail Outlook Web App (OWA)
    Access with: department code (e.g. mmuste1s) + MIA password
    Description: central mail server for students. Students with the department of Computer Science use the separate Horde mail server and not the OWA.
    Important: Please use your department code to login to the OWA and not your e-mail address.
  • E-Mail Horde (only for students in the department of Computer Science!)
    Access with: department code (e.g. mmuste1s) + Computer Science password
    Description: Students of Computer Science do not use the OWA, but rather the Horde mail server. To set your password for the department of Computer Scince, you need to activate a separate account. You have received the necessary activation code with your matriculation documents. Further information can be found in the department's FAQ.
  • Student Information System SIS
    Access with: department code (e.g. mmuste1s) + SIS password
    Description: you will find important study-related information (certificate of enrolment, re-registration, transcript, etc.) and you may register for exams within the SIS system.
    Important note: To get your SIS password, you first have to click on "Apply for Access ?" on the SIS homepage. An initial password will then be sent to your student e-mail inbox.
  • Library Catalogue Bib-Discover
    Access with: department code (e.g. mmuste1s) + MIA-Password
    Description: Central search in the library's stock (printed and digital media).
    Note: For borrowing media in the library you need a 4-digit PIN, which you can set yourself in Bib-Discover. To use the digital services, the library's remote access must also be set up (proxy setting). Please direct Questions regarding library services to the library or the e-learning team.
  • Central teaching and learning platform LEA
    Access with: department code (e.g. mmuste1s) + MIA password
    Description: Here you will find, among others, teaching materials for your studies (e.g. important information for first semester students, current information, lectures, lecture notes and exercise sheets).
  • Identity & Access Management MIA
    Access: department code (e.g. mmuste1s) + MIA password
    Description: Here you may change your central password for most services, such as the OWA or LEA. You can only use the "Forgotten Password" function, if you have previously provided answers to password reset questions in MIA.

On the homepage of the Institute for IT-Service you will find further instructions and information. Go to: "Services for Students".

Should you have technical problems in the future during your studies, please contact the administrators or the ServicePoint of your department and not the MIA support or the ITS ServicePoint.