5 \\ Tuition Fee & Payment Process

The tuition fee for the programme is 14.640€. The total amount is payable in three instalments of 4.880 € each, over three semesters.

In addition to the tuition fee, you have to pay a semester contribution, which includes the semester ticket for public transport and a social service contribution for the Students' Union (Studentenwerk) of around 300€. The amount is adjusted every semester. You can find the current amount and its breakdown on the following website of our univerity.

The tuition fee and semester contribution are charged each semester and do not include any travel or living expenses.

Payment Plan

1st payment (4.880 € + semester contribution)
the full amount has to be paid at least 7 work days before enrolment.

2nd payment (4.880 € + semester contribution)
is usually due in January before the 2nd semester.

3rd payment (4.880 € + semester contribution)
is usually due in June before the 3rd semester

Students who require more than 3 semesters to finish the MBA programme must continue paying the semester contribution each additional semester to maintain their student status.

In total, students have to expect fees of roughly € 15.540 (3 * € 4.880 tuition fee + 3 * € 300 semester contribution) for a 3-semester programme.

Please find more information about money and costs for international students in Germany on the following website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

For scholarships, please check the database of the DAAD.

Please note that our university does not offer scholarships!

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

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