H-BRS Graduation Ceremony 2019

On Saturday, October 26, 2019 H-BRS will bid a festive farewell to it's Graduates of the Academic Year of 2018/2019

Starting in July 2019 you will find further information on this website.

The Ceremony will take place from appr. 3 - 10 pm at Telekom Dome in Bonn (Bonn Hardtberg).

There will be an ecumenical service before the Ceremony. Please be aware that you will need enough time to pick up your academic gown and hat before (in case you will rent a set.)

Graduates will receive a personal invitation by email and postal mail in Summer if/as soon as their graduation has been noted in the University's System. Please keep your contact data at the student's office up to date for these contact data will be used for invitation (Update Contact date in the Alumni's Network) Please be aware of the fact that your student's email address will only be valid some weeks after your exmatriculation.

Hire Gown and Hat (Supplier: Robe Academicus): Booking is already possible. Early booking means a better time to pick up gown and hat on the day of the ceremony. Please go to:  https://registrierung.robe-academicus.com/de/. Registration Code: HBRS2019. Unfortunately the booking information is not completely available in English. If you need help please contact the supplier by phone: + 49 (0)8807 9497397.

Want to see pictures of our last Graduation Ceremony: visit our Picture Gallery

Graduation Ceremony 2016 - Highlights