Access to LEA courses

Where do I find my courses in LEA?
How can I participate in a course?
What kind of access regulations are there?

In the event that your lecturer supervises his course via LEA, you will find the corresponding online course in LEA. In the platform "Repository", the courses are stored according to departments >> study programmes >> semesters. Very often students are automatically assigned to their courses, which means you will find your courses directly on your "Personal Desk".

Participation in the courses is subject to various access regulations:

  • Free participation/ access: There are no hindrances to joining theses courses.
  • Participation/ access based on a course password: In this case you have to enter a password to join the course. You will be provided with the password by your lecturer.
  • Participation/ access on request: Please submit a brief request to join the course.
  • No self-enrolment: Please contact your lecturer.

Once you have joined a course or your name has been added to the course list, you will find it directly on your "Personal Desk" in LEA without having to search the "Repository" for it.