E-Learning scenarios

Course management

Provide your students with digital lecture materials (scripts, videos, etc.) easily and conveniently. Coordinate the assignment of presentations and group tasks or organise seminar registrations, the submission of exercises by setting fixed deadlines. Click here to get further information.


Tablet-PCs etc. in teaching

You would like to edit presentations live or use the projector as a "digital board''? From the library you can borrow various demo devices - a pen with digitalisation features as well as a tablet PC or a graphic tablet. Click here to get further information.


Multimedia learning content

Through the use of films, images and sound complex learning content can be presented clearly. We offer you software solutions and technical know-how for the production of your multimedia learning content.



Learning requires mentoring and communication. Digital services open up new possibilities for contacting and encourage exchange, no matter whether you count on e-mail, chat, forums or videoconferencing systems. Click here to get further information.



Collaborative learning encourages motivation, creativity and conflict management skills. Open new places of learning for your students and let them work together outside the seminar in virtual learning groups or wikis. Click here to get further information.



New knowledge has to be applied, so that it is understood and can be put into practice. Use the automatically analysed online tests and surveys that give the students the opportunity to revise their learning progress and improve it with the help of appropriate exercises. Click here to get further information.


Assistance, counseling and tips for a successful use of e-learning you also find in our eTeaching area in LEA.