LEA Training Courses and Didactic Consultation for Staff

When does it make sense to use digital tools in teaching?
Which possibilities are there to design a LEA course?
How to use groups, wikis or forums at the best to promote collaborative working?

These and other questions will be answered in our LEA training courses on the following topics:

Crash course "LEA for Lecturers": Revision of the most important features: registration procedure and membership administration, uploading data files

(Individual) beginners' consultation for lecturers: the Personal Desk, the repository structure in LEA, course design options

LEA special - Test and survey: Setting up question pools with various types of questions, evaluation options

LEA special - Groups: Group registration procedure, membership administration and restrictions, legal administration

LEA special - Communication and collaboration: Using forums and wikis, organising group work

LEA special - Learning modul and glossary: Digital processing of learning contents ("LEA E-Book"), setting up and embedding glossaries of terminology

We meet your individual needs for training and time scheduling at any time. The E-Learning Team also offers individual didactic consultations for staff. We will also be happy to come to your course for a brief introduction to LEA. Simply send us an e-mail.