Printing (Bib-Print)

Printing in the library.
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In the library you can print black and white on A4 format from our public PCs.


1. If you would like to use our printer, a debit code is required. Codes can be purchased at the circulation desk. There are 0,50 Euro, 1,00 Euro, 5,00 Euro or 10,00 Euro cards available.

Please note: the security staff only sells codes for 0,50 Euros.

2. Before using the new print system, you have to register once. Please visit Bib-Agree and log in with your library access (the same login as you use with our computers). Enter your email address and accept the conditions of usage. You can read the user agreements in the Related Links.

3. Return to the Login of Bib-Print and log in with your library access. You can put credit on your account by clicking on Redeem card. Then enter the code on your debit card and confirm.

4. Next time you want to print, a window will appear showing you how much credit you have. When you have pressed print, the print order will be saved on hold.

5. At the end of your work go to the printing station. Log in with your library account and confirm or cancel your print orders.

6. Your print orders will remain available for 72 hours. You can keep several print orders and print them simultaneously.


Tip for pdf documents:

  • Please open pdf documents with Acrobat Reader to avoid error messages.
  • Save your Office documents as pdf-documents before printing in the library. Otherwise you may lose your formatting.
  • Save your PowerPoint-Presentations as pdf-document.

For further questions please contact your library staff.