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CENTIM offers attractive workshops, events and courses to inspire and enable people interested in founding new companies to recognize the challenges of the future and to develop new innovative solutions. Within the Start-up Programme Rheinbach Sankt Augustin (SUPRA) interesting events are offered and also teaching events of the CENTIM help people interested in founding to further expand their know-how.
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As a scientific partner in business start-ups, CENTIM offers young founders exciting and instructive workshops and continuing education programmes (Photo: Unsplash)

Block seminar: Entrepreneurial Finance: Summer Semester 2021

Founding a start-up is a huge opportunity for many people interested in founding a company, but it is also associated with many challenges: The right handling in a dynamic environment is of great importance, since products should be brought to market maturity in a short time and also customers have to be won despite enormous competitive pressure.

Financing must also be secured in a new company so that viable, efficient and transparent structures can be established. It is therefore particularly important for young founders to be educated about the financial function from the start-up's point of view.


Bild eines umgekippten Gefäßes mit vielen Geldmünzen
The Entrepreneurial Finance course is designed for all students with an interest in expanding financial knowledge in the area of business creation (Photo: Unsplash)

Entrepreneurial Finance

This course offers a good introduction to the topic:

What are the strategic goals of entrepreneurial finance in a start-up? How do the commercial core processes and planning and controlling structures work in the company? How do I set up my business and finance plan? What forms of financing are available to me as a start-up?

These central questions will be answered in a practical and understandable way during the course of the semester. In addition to the content basics, participants will be encouraged to become active themselves and develop a business and financial plan using the example of a software company.

These and many other exciting impulses around the topic of Entrepreneurial Finance will be presented to the participants in four block events, each from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm:

  • Fri. 28.05.2021: Definition, goals and design areas of the finance function in the start-up
  • Fri. 11.06.2021: Structuring the core commercial processes
  • Fri. 25.06.2021: Development of business and financial planning using the example of a software company
  • Fri. 02.07.2021: Financing instruments for start-ups


Interested H-BRS students (bachelor's and master's) from any science, engineering, or business discipline can register for the course for the summer 2021 semester at the following LEA link:

Further information about the course

Duration: 1 semester

Credit points: 2 ECTS

Target group: All students from technical natural science and economics departments

Responsible for the module: Dr. Björn Momsen, external lecturer; Prof. Dr. Klaus Deimel, CENTIM

Past workshops of CENTIM

here you find an overview of past workshops and courses of CENTIM

Ankündigung  dreiteiliger Workshop Marketing für start-ups peter goeke centim
The three-part marketing workshop is open to all founders and those interested in founding a company (Graphic: SUPRA/CENTIM)

Marketing, Branding & PR for Start-ups

Start-ups are usually characterised by innovation – yet, the smartest innovation, the best business model or the most courageous vision are of no use if the target group does not know about it. How do you position your business or idea as a founder?

The course instructor, Peter Goeke is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced content manager. He understands how difficult it can be for start-ups wanting to get their message out there, build their brand, or win financial backing.


  • Branding: minimal viable brand, mission and vision statements Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 1:30 pm – 5: 30 pm Branding
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing: content development and marketing strategy Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 1:30 pm – 5: 30 pm Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Public Relations: Fundamentals of PR, delimitation to marketing, writing press releases Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 1:30 pm – 5: 30 pm  Public Relations


Input lectures will alternate with active group work and structured discussions this will ensure that the sessions remain interesting and varied for all participants.

About the instructor

Peter Goeke is an experienced founder of the influencer tech start-up VIMATO, copywriter, creative director and start-up coach at Digital Hub Bonn. In the past, he developed advertising campaigns for brands like Mercedes-Benz, Google and Adidas. Today, he develops business ideas. After his MBA at WHU, Peter went through the entire process of building a company with VIMATO. From idea generation and prototyping, product launch and customer acquisition to financing rounds and exit options. He is currently building a digital venture with Deep Skill.


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