Fields of activity

We at CENTIM focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and SMEs. How do we do this?


A vibrant startup scene is important for an economy. Entrepreneurs challenge established companies with their startups and put them under permanent pressure to raise efficiency potentials. In addition, startup founders create jobs for themselves and often also for others. They contribute to the technological renewal of a country's economy and thereby to the improvement of its competitiveness.

At CENTIM, promoting entrepreneurial thinking and acting among our students, employees, researchers and graduates is one of oure core objectives. We support startups and thereby strengthen the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at H-BRS and the region.

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Innovation Management

The digitalisation of the economy presents all companies with the challenge of questioning their own business processes and taking advantage of opportunities. Strengthening the enthusiasm and understanding of innovation is a fundamental part of our task.

At CENTIM we support innovators prepare to face the challenges of an increasingly dynamic business world through events that offer real world experiential learning and interaction.


Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
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SME Management

German small and medium-sized enterprises are the economic and social backbone of the German economy. A special feature of German SMEs are the hidden champions - innovative companies that are global market leaders in niche markets.

Taking into account the specific industry and corporate structure, we help small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve sustainable economic success.

By establishing new hubs at our university such as the Institute for Visual Computing (IVC), we are able to  research-based solutions and services.

Interested companies have opportunity to clarify important research questions by assigning bachelor and master thesis topics through CENTIM.

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg