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Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SMEs - CENTIM

Innovation Management

Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not as a threat.

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The digitalization of the economy presents all companies with the challenge of questioning their own business processes and taking advantage of opportunities. Strengthening our innovative spirit and understanding of innovation is a fundamental part of our task.

The life cycles of products are becoming shorter and shorter. Technologies are changing rapidly and competition is becoming increasingly globalized. In order to survive in competition, a company must continuously improve and expand its product range, because innovation ensures success! With our consulting services, we impart technical know-how and other essential skills for successful positioning in the market.

Through our innovation-focused projects, we also seek to strengthen and further drive innovation.


Projects from the competence field Innovation
Municipal Innovation Partnerships
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The project Municipal Innovation Partnerships is a sub-project of the project "Campus to World" with the aim to promote a holistic sustainable development of rural regions through the cooperation of H-BRS and rural communities. Due to urbanization, rural regions increasingly suffer from a loss of attractiveness for companies and also citizens. This project aims to address and solve this problem. The mission of creating a general innovation and transfer management system ("KIP Toolkit") with common formats, measures and processes is intended to bring about increased interaction between the university and communities and the target groups of business, politics and society. In this way, partnerships between universities and municipalities are to be promoted in a targeted manner and innovations driven forward in order to be able to further develop rural regions in a sustainable manner.


MBA Start-up Development
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Innovations are also driven forward within the framework of the new MBA Start-up Development master's programme. This unique course of study, which is aimed at those interested in founding their own start-up or working in innovation management, offers the opportunity to work on your own start-up or innovation project during four semesters of study.

For this purpose, current scientific content and practical expertise are taught step by step, which can be directly applied to one's own project. At the interface between cutting-edge research and practical knowledge, an educational experience is therefore created for future entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs as well as entrepreneurial managers. It is precisely these people who should be able to recognize opportunities, shape innovations and create change in existing organizations or even new companies.


KMU Multiview
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The KMU Mulitview project is a sub-project of the Campus to World project and deals with the investigation of innovative education and training concepts for knowledge transfer in companies, in which CENTIM is embedded among others.

The establishment of innovative concepts for personnel development and knowledge transfer is an important task for companies, especially today. The project investigates how new concepts and techniques such as virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) can be used for innovative education and training concepts.

Specifically, an innovative system is being developed for the mechanical engineering sector to replace personnel training and education on concrete objects and equipment with a teaching specialist by remote training using video streaming, whereby the system is to include innovative interaction options and applied AR and VR techniques.

In addition to the development of the system, it will be tested on developed training scenarios and evaluated during the project.

CENTIM is responsible for the evaluation of the project.