Vacancies and available topics for your theses

CENTIM offers topics to complement our research projects. Please contact us to learn more about those and check with us about other emerging topics or your own ideas.
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CENTIM is looking for more competent people to join the team (photo: Unsplash)


CENTIM does not currently have any vacancies advertised.

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Bachelor's and master's theses on relevant topics are also supervised by CENTIM (photo: Unsplash)

Proposed topics for theses in the field of entrepreneurship

Are you considering writing your thesis in the field of entrepreneurship? We currently offer the following topics:

1. Key performance indicators (KPI) in comparison to the industry: an economic analysis

2. Financial organization of start-ups: structure and processes

3. Fluctuation and growth: context and reasons

4. Agile Leadership vs. Corporate Responsibility: conflict of goals or useful addition?

You are welcome to suggest a topic for your thesis yourself. Please make sure to fill out the application sheet for theses. You will find this sheet and other important information about the theses under "Related Documents" and "Related Links".

Are you interested? Please send your request including a selection of topics as soon as possible by e-mail to Christine Haake ( or Joyce Treptow (

Please also note the further information on writing theses at CENTIM, which is listed here:

Theses at CENTIM

Current tenders for Bachelor and Master Theses

goFLUX is offering a bachelor thesis to evaluate the mobility concept. All important information can be found in the accompanying document "bachelor thesis goFLUX" (German)!