"Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do." - Elvis Presley
Nahaufnahme eines Tischkickers
We support and respect each other (Photo: Unsplash)

We are a team!

We see ourselves as a team that supports and respects each other. We benefit from the different skills, knowledge and experience of our team members. Appreciation characterises our interaction with each other, as well as open and honest communication and a constructive feedback culture.

Passion led us
Founding is our passion (Photo: Unsplash)

We live an entrepreneurial mindset!

We are connected by our passion for the topic of start-ups. We not only want to live our entrepreneurial mindset internally, we want to pass it on to the outside world as well. Courage, innovative and creative ways of thinking complete our mindset. All in all, we want to empower not only our team, but also people interested in founding a company as well as external partners.

Nahaufnahme einer Dart-Zielscheibe
Goals are there to be achieved (Photo: Unsplash)

We act in a targeted and professional manner!

Targeted goals are achieved through high quality awareness and a strong, professional commitment of the CENTeam. Success, good performance and continuous development are the stimulus for our mission.

Ein schwarzes Feld mit einer aufleuchtenden Schrift und dem Spruch: "Do something great". Auf deutsch: "Mach etwas Großes."
Working at CENTIM should be fun (Photo: Unsplash)

We are open and enthusiastic!

Working at CENTIM is fun! Our way of working is characterised by flexibility and openness. A cordial cooperation and stimulating tasks motivate us. Optimism and positivity characterise our cooperation.