Teaser Bürgerwissenschaften Energie und Ressourcen
Girl carries green earth in her hands. Foto: Chinnapong/adobe stock

Sustainable energy is the core topic of the CitizenLab for energy and resources. Events such as panel discussions, talks and workshops allow experts of H-BRS and its partner, the Jülich Research Centre, to discuss with other experts and citizens about the risks and opportunities of a hydrogen-based economy. Further conversations take place during visits to the places where it all happens. The event series “Hydrogen Region Rheinland – Pioneer for NRW” offers in-depth information.

Why do we care about energy and resources?

The energy transition and sustainable resource use concern all of us – not least due to the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. But in addition to the global and national goals of climate and energy policy, regional aspects are gaining importance. Concrete changes can best be promoted locally. Suitable measures found at the local level can have a larger impact and help entire regions become pioneers.

Change starts regionally

This CitizenLab targets citizens of the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg region and the urban region of Bonn. Their cooperation is crucial to making sustainable changes to people’s direct surroundings and improving energy and resource efficiency.

Our goals

Conscious use of energy and resources in our everyday lives and in our region is worth promoting. The CitizenLab for Energy and Resources sees this as an opportunity to actively engage partners from the areas of business, research, education, trades, and especially our local citizens. H-BRS works with these civil-society partners to implement theoretical findings in practice.

Join the effort!

Informational events, dialogues, webinars and field trips offer insights into the practice of alternative energy and resource use. We present, discuss and explore innovative ideas and concepts and find out how our partners realize them in their regions and municipalities.

We leverage the opportunities of citizen science while working with existing initiatives in the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg region, local administrations, research centres and start-ups. This includes analyzing social and environmental data and developing innovative business ideas.