Analyse Bodenprobe
Analysing a soil sample using the mobile lab. Photo: H-BRS

For the Environmental Lab sub-project of Campus to World, H-BRS invites citizens from the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg region to join workshops and scientific surveys that focus on studying the soil of urban parks, private and public gardens, as well as recreational areas. The aim is to find out how these spaces affect the climate and biodiversity.

Soils: a neglected climate factor

Soils don’t just serve a habitat for microorganisms, a substrate for plants, or a storage for water and carbon. They have many other functions, such as filtering rain water and reducing/absorbing pollutants. Soils form the basis for settlements and roads and are an archive of natural history. Our soils are essential in all areas of life, especially for our diet. 

There already is much available information on agricultural land. Private green spaces, however, are an understudied part of the ecosystem. Spaces such as private gardens make up a large part of the urban landscape. We bring together citizens, schools and park authorities to better understand and protect soils.

Join the effort!

  • After registering, you receive a sampling kit* which includes sampling instructions, sample bags, a questionnaire on the location, and a postage-paid parcel. (* While stocks last.)
    Editor’s note: Due to high demand, no further orders for soil sample kits can be accepted at present.
  • Go on our VR adventure to dive into the soil and experience the various organisms from the perspective of an earthworm.
  • Do you have your own ideas, suggestions or questions about soils and gardens? Join us to design our workshop curriculums.
  • If you want to experience real work in a laboratory environment, you can join a small group to evaluate, process and visualize the results.
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Spade in the ground. Photo: M.Doerr & M.Frommherz GbR/adobe stock

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