Corona-Info: Services for digital teaching

Start the semester with digital teaching and learning offers!

Dear teachers,

The start of face-to-face teaching has been postponed due to the Corona-shutdown. It is therefore necessary to provide digital teachning materials and e-learning offers.

Keep it simple

The goal is not to produce technologically sophisticated e-learning courses but to create simple solutions especially via LEA. You are very welcome to ask for advice from the e-learning team and your contacts at ZIEL.

Discussion forum and toolbox

In order to promote exchange among lecturers, we have set up a service area on LEA, providing, among other things, a discussion forum. Here you find suggestions and tips of your colleagues. We are looking forward to your comments and contributions. It might also be helpful to take a look at our toolbox, where you find tutorials, manuals, course prototypes and other useful material.

Recommending Literature

Since you can also support the students in their learning by recommending literature and reading, we have compiled helpful tips and information about the digital media offered by the library in the handout E-Library (see "Related Documents").

All links on this page can also be found under "Related Links".