Diversity Management at H-BRS

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Diversity management is an asset for the professional and personal development of all members of the university. The H-BRS is home to diverse personalities. Diversity management strengthens togetherness, strengthens the future of our university and has an impact on the region. Our university emphasises equal opportunities and diversity. The H-BRS offers its members an environment of respect and cooperation. The diversity mangement considers different life contexts of its staff and leads students to the best possible success in their studies.
Wortwolke in Form einer Weltkugel. Kontinente und Meere werden mit englischen Begriffen dargestellt, die zum Thema Diversität passen.
Globe with continents and seas formed from diversity-related terms.

Our diversity strategy includes the following target areas:

  • aiming for academic achievement
  • enhancing diversity competence
  • shaping partnership, enabling participation, ensuring equality

Our diversity management has the following main tasks:

  • setting impulses
  • increasing visibility   
  • bringing diversity players together

Diversity Steering Committee

The Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity (Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bode), the Presidential Commissioner for Diversity (Prof. Dr. Annette Menke) and the Head of Diversity Management (Sarah Friedrichs) form the Diversity Steering Committee, which is responsible for implementing the diversity strategy. The Diversity Steering Committee takes up impulses from the President' s Office and reports on diversity activities at the H-BRS.

Central Diversity Management Team

The task of the central Diversity Management team is to consider diversity aspects at a strategic level and across the university.

The central Diversity Management Team is composed of:

  • Head of Diversity Management (team leader) – Sarah Friedrichs
  • Coordinator International Affairs and Diversity – Saskia Pfeiffer
  • Coordinator Inclusive University – Katrin Maag
  • Research and student assistants, interns, students working on Master's or Bachelor's projects or theses related to diversity

This page is still under construction. More information on diversity actors and diversity-related projects and measures at the H-BRS will be published here soon.
If you have any questions, please contact the Head of Diversity Management, Ms Sarah Friedrichs.

According to a current survey, there are 50 projects, fields of activity and measures that address a specific diversity dimension, contribute to increasing diversity competence and work for equal opportunities. In the near future we will develop a diversity map with an overview of all players and offers.