E-mail accounts for students

On enrolment all students will be given access to email. About four days after enrolment you will be given an email address on the following pattern:


You will then be able to look at your mailbox by going to https://owa.stud.h-brs.de/

Students in the Department of Computer Science please look here: https://horde.inf.h-brs.de/

Departments and Abbreviations

Business Administration, Sankt Augustin: wis
Business Administration, Rheinbach: wir
Computer Science: inf
Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism (EMT): emt
Applied Natural Sciences: bcw
Social Security Management: fb06

Once you have been supplied with email access you can obtain a home internet connection through the university. Your user name and password will be the same as for your email. If you live outside our university´s local telephone network (area code 02241), you can ask for a connection from the university nearest you.

You can get further information from the server administration in your department: