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Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism

"Blaue Schiene"

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To prepare the engineers of tomorrow optimally to a responsible use of global resources, the Department of EMT has introduced the "Blue Track" ("Blaue Schiene") in the bachelor's degree programs Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

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Sustainability in engineering studies

Engineers have a great impact on making life easier and saving our world. But not everything that seems to make sense nowadays brings benefits to other parts of our world or has a long-term positive impact.

An example is plastic packaging: It helps to reduce costs and energy during manufacture and transport, but can cause massive environmental problems at inappropriate disposal. The realization that this is not acceptable in the long run, appears more and more in our society and urges a rethink.

Sustainability firmly anchored in studies

There are modules in which aspects of sustainability are mediated. Each semester at least one lecture, seminar or a project is offered, in which students learn the basics of sustainable technology .

The topics of these subjects ranging from renewable energy, e-mobility and energy harvesting to energy management in IT systems or sustainable product development .

The International Centre for Sustainable Development ( IZNE ) offers further information on sustainability at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences.


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Iris Groß

Alumni Commissioner, Director of the Centre for Teaching Development and Innovation


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