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Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism

Practical Semester

Practical semester / stay abroad

A practical semester is integrated in the study of electrical and mechanical engineering and technical journalism. There are several options to spent this semester: work experiences in Germany and abroad or a semester at a foreign university abroad.

Goal of the practical semester is to apply the lectured knowledge in a working environment. The at least 20 weeks often give many students ideas for their thesis and for future professions. Additional information you will get at the introductory event and in LEA


Find a job

Beside usual portals you find exclusive job advertisments which are sent to our professors. They publish them next to their rooms. Just go and ask our professors and staff members whether they have something that would fit to you. They often are in contact with several conpanies and can help you with your application.

Another idea can be the magazine of the university "doppelpunkt:" or the Unternehmenstag where companies introduce themselves and look out for trainees and employees.

Registration for the practical semester / study abroad

To register yourself for this semester you have to login to the student information system SIS. Please subscribe as soon as possible sothat the university is able to plan timetables and room bookings for the following month. Detailed information about your company can be added later.