Equal Opportunity Commissioner

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+49 2241 865 268
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gleichstellungsbeauftragte [at] h-brs.de
The Equal Opportunities Commissioner and the Equal Opportunities Commission represent all women and men at the university. The Equal Opportunities Office supports the work performed by the Equal Opportunities Commissioner and the Equal Opportunities Commission.

§ 17 of the Gender Equality Act for the state of North Rhine Westphalia sets out the role of the Equal Opportunities Commissioner.

The role includes the following duties:

  • involvement in appointment committees, staff recruitment, upgrading,
  • preparation of the female advancement plan
  • organisation of gender-specific events
  • inclusion of aspects of relevance to women in the allocation of funds
  • advice and support for the different university groups, e.g. female applicants students, professors and employees
  • participation in organisational and social activities, e.g. structural changes working time issues

At the family-friendly and gender-responsive Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, the Equal Opportunities Commissioner also takes care of the concerns of families:

  • auditing and re-auditing as a family-friendly university
  • establishing family-oriented measures (EKA, HELP, childcare)

Current focal areas and projects

Green Light for Female Professors

With the "Green Light for Female Professors" programme, H-BRS is offering professional support on the road to a professorship. In seminars and individual coaching sessions, women are shown everything that they need for a successful start and fruitful career at the university.

Doctoral Scholarships

The Equal Opportunities Office at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg awards doctoral scholarships for employees and graduates of the university.