3 questions to... trans* persons

Wednesday 6 October 2021 - 12:00 to 13:00
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"cisgender" - having a gender identity that is consistent with one's physical sex (Duden). A reality of life that most people take so much for granted that they only know the opposite "trans".
Transgender Flagge
Transgender flag made of crayon on asphalt. Source: Pexels

But what is it like not to be cis? In this event, Jana Haack and Mortimer Legelli want to clear up questions that trans and non-binary people often get asked and discuss with you how they experience being trans on a daily basis.

This event is the first in the series "3 questions to..." from Respect! by Respect! Viva Diversity.



Target group: public
Contact person: Saskia Pfeiffer saskia.pfeiffer@h-brs.de
Organiser: Respekt! Viva Diversity
Event language: German
Registration: no registration required

This event will take place online in any case.

This is an event as part of the action week of the initiative "Respect! Time for Diversity, Time for Sustainability".