Dr Barbara Hillen

Research Associate


Barbara Hillen, Graduierteninstitut. Copyright: Leni Moretti
barbara.hillen [at] h-brs.de

Sankt Augustin

Grantham-Allee 20
Sankt Augustin
Building F, Room 425


Picture: copyright Leni Moretti

Academic and professional career:

  • Study of History at Universities in Munich and Bonn
  • PhD in Constitutional-, Social and Economic history at Bonn University (2004) with a biography about the german savings banks reformer Johann Christian Eberle (1869-1937)
  • Managing director of Agentur für AutoBiografien, Bonn (since 2004)
  • Research associate at the Graduate Institute (since 2017) and IVC (in 2018, international affairs)

Publications, areas of work, and fields of interest:

  • Finance- und economic history
  • Applied Company history (focused on family businesses as well as small and medium sized businesses)
  • Biographies and Education history
  • Good science and Research Integrity