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Inclusion is an important element of diversity at H-BRS: people with disabilities and chronic illnesses are part of the diverse landscape of our university. It is an important objective of H-BRS to pave way for successful study opportunities of all our students - no matter what personal and physical conditions students bring along. Disabilities and chronic illnesses can be visible or invisible - inclusion means that we are not only aware of diversity, but also see its potential and foster it through appropriate measures and projects.

We at H-BRS want to to introduce the topic of inclusion more strongly into various parts of the univiersity with the help of the "Inclusive University NRW" funding programme, develop additional measures and commit to an inclusion strategy based on the diversity strategy and HEP3.

This page is still under construction. You will be able to find more projects and measures concerning inclusion at H-BRS here soon.
If you have any questions, please contact the Coordinator for Inclusive University, Katrin Maag.

Health and Disability Commissioner

The Health and Disability Commissioner at H-BRS acts as a point of contact for prospective students and students with disabilities as well as disabled employees.

FAQ – Inclusion and disability at H-BRS

If you are currently studying with a disability or chronic illness at H-BRS, the Health and Disability Commissioner will help you with any questions or problems. You can reach the commissioner directly via the website of the Health and Disability Commission.

If you have questions about the general conditions for studying with a disability or chronic illness at H-BRS (for example, about structural and organisational conditions), the Health and Disability commissioner will assist you.

If you have questions about disabilities and studying in general that do not directly concern H-BRS, the Competence Centre "Studying with Disabilities and Chronic Illness in NRW" (kombabb) will help you. You can reach the competence centre directly via the linked information portal.

The Health and Disability Commission advises on structural and organisational barriers at H-BRS.

For students, it offers support and advice regarding study setup and organisation with disabilities or chronic illnesses, for example support in contacting lecturers or coordinating compensation for disadvantages.

Applications for compensation for disadvantages during studies and/or exams must be submitted to the chairperson of the examination board of the respective department.

If you have any general questions or issues, you can contact the Health and Disability Commissioner, who can also help you during coordination with the Examination Board.

If you have general questions about studying at H-BRS, the International Office may be able to help you.

If you have any questions about disabilities and chronic illnesses, you can also contact the Health and Disability Commission.

For general questions, The Health and Disability Commission also acts as a contact point for employees.

For questions about organisational and structural conditions of the working environment, the inclusion coordinator will be able to assist you.

For questions, comments and concerns about equality and anti-discrimination, the AGG representative serves as point of contact.

Concerning the topic of in-company integration management (BEM), the BEM team will support you.

On the following page you will find contact informationen for crises and conflict situations.

If you have a disability or chronic illness and are not sure who to get in touch with, you can first contact the Health and Disability Commissioner.

If you need psychological assistance, you can contact the psychological counselling by Studierendenwerk Bonn.


Phone: +49 228 73-7106

H-BRS offers students with autism in deparment 03 support through an inclusion assistance during the winter term 2021/22. You can find further information about the project on the following page: Inclusion assistance (focus: Aspergers).

If you have any general questions or comments, please contact the Coordinator for Inclusive University, Katrin Maag:


Phone: +49 2241 865 9582