Awards for students and staff 2018 and before

Best Paper Award  at the 19th International Arab Conference on Information Technology, Lebanon

Ahmad Drak, PhD student
‘Towards Finding an Optimal Flight Zone for a Side-by-Side Tracking UAV w.r.t Extraction of Dynamic Vector Fields‘ 


MINT-Award IT 2018, Friedrichshafen

Markus Wiktorin, Gerhard Kraetzschmar,  Kurt-Ulrich Witt

"Development of a Maneuver Controller for Truck Platooning"


Best Paper Award at the Conference: ACM SAP (Symposium on Applied Perception) 2018, Vancouver, Canada

Martin Weier, Thorsten Roth,  André Hinkenjann, Philipp Slusallek
"Foveated Depth-of-Field Filtering in Head-mounted Displays"

Best Paper Award (Complex Systems) at the 'Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms Conference (GECCO) 2018" in Kyoto, Japan

Adam Gaier, Alexander Asteroth and Jean-Baptiste Mouret: 

 "Data-Efficient Neuroevolution with Kernel-Based Surrogate Models

Förderpreise 2017 of the Hochschulgesellschaft (Society of sponsors of H-BRS)

Ahmad Drak, Master of Autonomous Systems: DoveCopter: A Tracking and Following Aerial Platform for Aerodynamics Analysis of a Velomobile

Dirk Rusche, Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik: Kombination von Neuroevolutionsmethoden mit Gradientenverfahren für neuronale Netze

Alexander Kirfel, Master Informatik: Untersuchung eines MEMS-basierten Ultraschall-Sensorsystems zur Erhöhung der Sicherheit beim Kollaborationsbetrieb von Industrierobotern


Preis des Fachbereichstags Informatik 2017, Best Bachelor Thesis

Frank Heimerzheim: "Statistische Analyse von Unternehmensdaten unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Heavy-tailed-Verteilungen"


Studienpreis of the AFCEA Bonn e.V. 2017

2nd Prize: Alexander Hagg (Counselor: Alexander Asteroth)Master Thesis "Hierarchical Training of Local Surrogate Models for Evolutionary Optimization of Streamlined 2D Shapes".



Best Paper Award (Complex Systems) at the'Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2017" in Berlin

Adam Gaier: "Data-Efficient Exploration, Optimization, and Modeling of Diverse Designs through Surrogate-Assisted Illumination"

Silvia Coradeschi RoboCup Award

Padmaja Kulkarni won this international award for promising young female scientists in the field of robotics.

1st place Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization (MDO) Student Paper Competition at the AIAA Aviation Forum 2017 in Atlanta

Adam Gaier: "Aerodynamic Design Exploration through Surrogate-Assisted Illumination" -- judges and cash prize provided by NASA, Boeing, and Lockheed-Martin"

Best Paper Award at the   IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo 2017 in Hong Kong

Jens Maiero, Dr. Ernst Kruijff, Prof. Dr. André Hinkenjann (all H-BRS), Gheorghita Ghinea (Brunel University): ForceTab: Visuo-haptic Interaction with a Force-Sensitive Actuated Tablet

European Robotics League Award 2017

RoboCup team b-it bots completed a very successful first season of the European Robotics League in spring 2017 and finished first in the industrial robots contest for navigation functionality with their @Work team.



Best Paper Award at the 'International Conference on Advanced Engineering Computing and Applications in Sciences (ADVCOMP 2016)' in Venice (Italy)

Javed Razzaq, Prof. Dr Rudolf Berrendorf , Soenke Hack, Max Weierstall (all HBRS) and Florian Mannuss (international project partner): "Fixed and Variable Sized Block Techniques for Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication with General Matrix Structures"

Förderpreise 2016 der Hochschulgesellschaft (Society of sponsors of H-BRS)

Diego Ramos Avila (Best Masters Thesis in Autonomous Systems): A Study on Swarm Intelligence: Towards Nature-Inspired Robot Navigation

Matthias Neu (Best Bachelor Thesis in Computer Science): Analyse eines um Minutien-Winkel erweiterten Fuzzy Vault Schemas

Honorable Mention Paper Award at the ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction (SUI 2016)

Ernst Kruijff, Alexander Marquardt, Christina Trepkowski, Andre Hinkenjann, Jens Maiero (all H-BRS), Bernhard Riecke (Simon Frazer University, Kanada) and Robert Lindeman (Hit Lab, University of Canterbury,  New Zealand): “On Your Feet! Enhancing Vection in Leaning-Based Interfaces through Multisensory Stimuli“.

AFCEA Bonn e.V. Best Thesis Award 2016

3rd prize: Maurice Velte (Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Norbert Jung)
Master Thesis “Semantic Image Segmentation Combining Visible and NearInfrared Channels with Depth Information”

Best Paper Award  International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications 2016 in Peking

Katharina Stollenwerk, Anna Vögele, Björn Krüger, Reinhard Klein, André Hinkenjann: "Automatic Temporal Segmentation of Articulated Hand Motion"


Best Scientific Paper Award RoboCup Symposium Leipzig 2016

Alexander Hagg, Frederik Hegger, Prof. Dr. Paul Plöger: "On Recognizing Transparent Objects in Domestic Environments Using Fusion of Multiple Sensor Modalities"

RoboCup World Cup 2016 in Leipzig

Team b-it bots @work: vice world champion @work league

Team b-it bots @home: 9th place @home league

APEX Programming Competition Nordrhein-Westfalen 2016

1st prize for Alli Pierre Yotti und Franck Albert Nyassa


Award of the H-BRS Equal Opportunity Commissioner 2015

Melanie Ludwig
Best Masters Thesis of a female Student: „Computational Prediction of Training on Physical Performance: Model Analysis and Comparison“.
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Alexander Asteroth

Gesellschaft der Förderer der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg e.V. 2015
(Society of sponsors of H-BRS)

Matias Alejandro Valdenegro Toro
Best Masters Thesis Autonomous Systems: Fast Text Detection for Road Scenes“
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Paul G. Plöger
Sponsor: Stiftung Evolution

Maurice Velte
Best Masters Thesis Information Science: „Semantic Image Segmentation Combining Visible and Near-Infrared Channels with Depth information“.
Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Jung 
Sponsor: Zurich Group

Student Award of the Association of German Engineers
Verband Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI) Köln

1st Prize: David Scherfgen
Best Masters Thesis "Camera-based 3D Pointing Approach Using Dynamic On-Screen Markers"
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rainer Herpers

AFCEA e.V. Bonn Best Thesis Awards 2015

1st Prize: Matias Alejandro Valdenegro Toro 
Masters Thesis “Fast Text Detection for Road Scenes”
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Paul G. Plöger

2nd Prize: Sergej Alexandrov
Masters Thesis “Geometric Segmentation of Point Cloud Data by Spectral Analysis”
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rainer Herpers

2nd Prize: Tobias Haubrich 
Masters Thesis „Entwicklung eines synthetischen Perzeptionsprozesses für intelligente virtuelle Agenten“
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rainer Herpers

Best Student Paper Award ACT3AgeingWell 2015

MAS-Students Ashok Meenakshi Sundaram and Melanie Ludwig

Best-Student-Paper Award on the International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well (ICT3AgeingWell) in Lisbon:
"On Modeling the Cardiovascular System and Predicting the Human Heartrate under Strain"

Supervisors: Matthias Füller, Prof. Dr. Alexander Asteroth und Prof. Dr. Erwin Prassler 

DriveE Academy Award 2015

Adam Gaier won 2nd prize with his project
"Energy efficient Control Policies using evolutionary Strategies"

InformatiCup of the German Informatics Society (GI) 2015

Masters student Helge Spieker teamed up with Neele Halbur from Bielefeld University to win 2nd prize. PPI AG

Best Paper Award on the IEEE VR 2015

David Scherfgen, M.Sc. Informatik

For his contribution "A Robust Inside-Out Approach for 3D Interaction with large Displays" at the Symposium on 3D User Interfaces (, Category: TechNotes.
Co-Authors:  Prof. Dr. Rainer Herpers and Timur Saitov