Institute of Visual Computing (IVC)

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Research & Projects

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The Institute for Visual Computing (IVC) is a highly research-oriented institute that focuses on the design and development of key technologies in the fields of computer graphics, human-computer interaction, computer vision, visualisation, and augmented/mixed/virtual reality. The institute conducts both basic and applied research. It thus creates the basis for successful knowledge and technology transfer and practice-oriented, high-quality teaching.
Das Institute of Visual Computing der H-BRS (2019)

Basic Research

  •     Rendering
  •     Visualisation & Modelling
  •     Human-Computer Interaction
  •     Computer Vision
  •     Perception

Applied Research

  •     Virtual Reality (VR) in education, teaching and training
  •     VR and Therapy
  •     Visual Computing (VC) Systems
  •     Deep Learning in VC
  •     Serious Games & Gamification
FB Inf - Augmented Reality - Kruijff mit Brille (DE)

Augmented Reality (AR)

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Virtual Reality (VR)

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3D Interaction / Human-Machine Interaction

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Computer Vision


Reality-based image synthesis

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Scientific visualisation and information visualisation

ZIM SAVA Visualisierung von statischen und dynamischen Daten

Deep Learning for Visual Computing

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Perception Research

B3D Big Bang to Big Data

Data Science und Data Literacy

Research is of great importance at the H-BRS. It is not only an important component of teaching, but also forms the necessary basis for successful knowledge and technology transfer to business and society. The field of visual computing encompasses a wide range of applications that generally relate to computer environments with a visual paradigm and enable interaction and control.