Analysis and Design of Social Protection Systems (M.A.)

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This study programme, within the scope of the H-BRS initiative Education for Sustainable Development, aims to prepare and educate students to responsibly create and develop further social protection systems. The three term programme focusses on conceptualising, implementing, financing, evaluating and reforming social protection systems in low and middle income countries as well as high income countries.

The international Master’s programme is aimed at students who wish to deal with social security systems and who are also interested in intercultural exchange. The residential and online courses provide students with flexibility without forcing them to dispense with social networks.

In cooperation with the Department of Social Security Management (FB 06).

For further information visit the programme website.

Responsible Person

Prof. Dr. Esther Schüring

Professur Systeme sozialer Sicherheit, insbesondere im internationalen Kontext
Studiengangsleiterin MA 'Analysis and Design of Social Protection Systems'
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
esther.schuering [at]