Dialogue on social protection and development

Previous projects within this area include the international workshop Measuring the social, economic and political effects of social protection: How to overcome the challenges? conducted collaboratively by IZNE, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Interntionale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and the German Development Institute (GDI). Up to 55 international researchers and practitioners in the field participated in this workshop to confront and discuss the challenges involved in adequately accounting for the effects of social protection measures. Futher information.


The edited volume Social Protection in Developing Countries – Reforming Systems (2013) is another project drawing together researchers from disciplines such as law, economics, social sciences and country backgrounds as well as practitioners. Spanning a wide variety of cases and perspectives, this book aims to give students, practitioners and researchers in the field an in-depth understanding of political reform processes in developing countries. 
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The edited volume grew out of the international conference Reforming Social Protection Systems in Developing Countries held in Bochum in 2011. About 150 international participants contributed to the interdisciplinary program, bringing together experts from academia and practitioners among others from economics, law, and social sciences.


The section furthermore collaborates with the international project German-African University Partnership Platform for the Development of Entrepreneurs and Small/Medium Enterprises. The project aims to contribute to small and medium enterprise (SMEs) development in order to create sustainable economic growth, create jobs and improve local income. 
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