Social Protection and Health

Good health is an important component of individual well-being. The potential of health and social protection to contribute to human development, poverty reduction and inclusive growth has been increasingly recognized throughout the last two decades.

The section seeks to contribute to the development of inclusive social protection and health systems by 

  • Taking a global perspective,

  • Engaging in interdisciplinary research beyond the social sciences,

  • Bridging the gap between research and practice by combining rigorous academic research with high societal relevance


Main Research Areas

  • Political economy and institutional analysis of social protection and health system reforms (read more)

  • Social protection, health, and technology: Interactions between technological and institutional change (read more)

  • Multisectoral coordination within a One-Health Approach (read more)


The International Center for Sustainable Development is co-convener of the international EADI-Working Group on Social Protection. The working group issues a regular newsletter. If you would like to join the working group, please contact Callistus Agbaam (

Convener: Katja Bender (, Markus Loewe (



Selected Projects

  • Bender, K. & Kaltenborn, M., Eds. (in preparation). Global Social Protection – Institutional Perspectives, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing (to be published in 2022).
  • One Health and Urban Transformation - Identifying risks and developing sustainable solutions (more information)
  • Energy Self-sufficiency for Health Facilities in Ghana (more information)
  • Social and Health Policies for Inclusive Growth (more information)

Selected publications

  • Bender, K., Rohregger, B., Kinuthia, B., Ikua, G.,Schüring, E., Alatinga, K., Adamba, C., Pouw, N. (2021). Different pathways of social protection reforms: An analysis of long-term institutional change in Kenya.), in: World Development, 131,
  • Pouw, N., Rohregger, B., Schüring, E., Alatinga, K., Kinuthia, B., & Bender, K. (2020). Social Protection in Ghana and Kenya through an Inclusive Development Lens: complex effects and risks, in: World Development Perspectives,
  • Bender, K. (2016), Internationale Politikdiffusion und Umsetzung des Rechts auf soziale Sicherung, MenschenRechtsMagazin, Heft 2/16, pp. 129-138,
  • E. W. Ramde, S. Rummeny, T. Schneiders, E. Waffenschmidt, S. Chaaraoui, M.Bebber, S. Meilinger, „Planning of sustainable and stable micro grids for Ghanaian hospitals with photovoltaics” SDEWES Conference Paper, (2020)