Sustainable Technologies and Resource Usage

Sustainable technology development through research and innovation seeks technical solutions to improve people's living conditions without negatively impacting them. The "International Center for Sustainable Development" is being developed in various methodological and methodological areas. Would it be possible to develop technological transformation processes into Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? The research results in the field of energy and mobility will explain the research results in the area of ​​regional and international development in more detail.

Research and Development

Sustainable energy systems with focus on energy meteorology and energy storage

The sustainable transformation of energy systems towards a climate-friendly and secure energy supply requires the intelligent use of renewable energy sources. These include the prediction and better understanding of weather-related fluctuations in energy supply as well as the development and intelligent control of energy storage. Read more (german)...

Sustainable mobility

The sustainable transformation of mobility requires mobility solutions that are climate-friendly and low in emissions. The search for alternative technology concepts for the sustainable mobility of tomorrow is therefore another important issue that IZNE devotes to its research activities. This involves context-dependent approaches for different modes of transport, regions and countries. Read more (german)...


In 2011, UNESCO decided to reorganize its worldwide engineering education in terms of sustainability. The previous initiative was supported by many internationally active technology groups.

The background to this demand is the recognition that engineers contribute a great deal to improving people's lives. But not everything that is technically possible, not everything that seems sensible from today's perspective, is also useful or useful in other parts of the world.

Against this background, the department EMT has introduced the "Blaue Schiene" in the bachelor courses mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. These are modules that convey aspects of sustainability. Each semester, at least one lecture, seminar or project is offered in which students get to know the basics of sustainable technology. In addition, starting in the winter semester 2017/18, the degree program "Sustainable Engineering" will start. The basic question of the new study program is: How can engineers within the framework of economic, ecological and social boundaries ensure that the technological limits are shifted in order to ensure that everyone has the right to equal living conditions in the future?

The IZNE (Prof. Stefanie Meilinger) offers several courses within the framework of the "Blaue Schiene" and is instrumental in shaping the new study program. The contents are oriented not to engineering disciplines, but to the technological challenges and tasks, as they result from the goals of sustainable development. In doing so, the teaching of engineering fundamentals is complemented by interdisciplinary, sustainability-oriented content that sheds light on the ecological, social and economic consequences of technological approaches.


Current projects

Land use-related influence of aerosols on solar energy production