A Day in Strasbourg

Monday 5 July 2010
A Day in Strasbourg

In fantastic weather, but before the great heat wave, 46 international students went on a trip to Strasbourg, accompanied by Ute Schriefers-Jung. The Academic Exchange Service (Akademischer Austauschdienst) regularly organises such events.

The ancient houses, the impressive cathedral, the pleasant sun and - being abroad! The international students were enchanted by Strasbourg and France. Needless to say, they did not fail to take part in a guided tour of the cathedral - a church building made from pink sandstone that counts among the most important cathedrals in the history of European architecture.

Foto Lidia Torres

After that the approximately 50 people went through the Old City on foot before they once again went past the old historic part of Strasbourg by boat, passed through two locks, till they finally caught sight of the European "government buildings". They even had the opportunity to marvel at a "Christopher Street Day" parade. The day in Strasbourg finished with a two-hour stroll on the students' own inititative. On the bus trip back home, the group did not talk much any more, everybody was so tired that they could not keep their eyes open.

The next destination has already been fixed, said Ute Schriefers-Jung: a trip to the Mosel and the more than 2000-year-old city of Trier will be organised in the second half of October.

Fotos by Lidia Torres