Large Terminus for Graduates

Friday 2 November 2012
Absolventenfeier 2012

The Bonn-Beuel Forum was packed to the gills when University President Hartmut Ihne reminded the graduates to “behave well and act as good ambassadors for their Alma Mater”. He thus opened the 14th Central Graduation Ceremony of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University, to which a considerable number of newly qualified “ex-students” had turned up in academic gowns. For the first time, our University had provided them, on a voluntary basis, with the opportunity to celebrate their graduation in gowns and thus, to give special expression to the end of a phase in their lives.

The more than 1,200 people present - more than ever before - subsequently listened, among other things, to Senior Mayor Jürgen Nimptsch, who advised them to stay in the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg area for private and professional purposes. The Mayor added that, should they wish to or have to reorient themselves, they should keep a soft spot for the Rhineland in their hearts. The graduates will certainly also remember the tip given by keynote speaker Dr Uwe Dumslaff, Managing Director of Capgemini GmbH, who advised them to always collaborate “with the best” wherever possible. The short performance by the “African Drums” formation, which - proverbially speaking - got the crowd moving, as well as “Perfect Wave” (“Perfekte Welle”), impressively performed by the Hörsaal Eins university choir, will also leave their impact on the graduates’ minds for years to come.

Mandar Satyanath Pathare from India was awarded this year’s prize for excellent academic performance and extraordinary social and cultural commitment by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Pascal Annicotte won the prize for sustainability and responsibility, awarded by the International Centre for Sustainable Development, for his Bachelor’s thesis at the Department of Business Administration. On top of that, the University’s Fund-Raising Association (Fördergesellschaft) awarded ten additional prizes for excellent theses.

Subsequent to an extensive buffet, the graduation ceremony went on into the early hours - with a party run by DJ Istvan Balogh.

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Throwing hats is part of the ritual now.
Foto: ©Antonia Wagner

Dicht besetzte Reihen im Forum

Densely packed rows in the forum

Präsident Prof. Ihne bei der Eröffnung

President Prof. Ihne during the opening ceremony

African Drums bringen den Saal in Bewegung

African drums getting the crowd moving