The subject area organization of Department 4 deals with the accessible design of the tasks and areas of responsibility as well as internal processes and activities of the University's administration.

  • Distribution-of-business plan
  • Responsibilities from A-Z 
  • Organigrams

Tasks on behalf of Organization

  • Support and processing of relevant topics regarding the organization of the university
  • Planning and implementation of one-to-one conversations and workshops for the purpose of anlyzing and optimizing processes, documentation and visualization of administrative processes, concepts and the implementation of improvement proposals inter alia EDP-support
  • Implementation of process improvements being based on work results achieved by working teams, quality circles etc.
  • University overlapping benchmarks
  • Coordination, support service and servicing of the administration's organizational means
  • Up-dating and further development of the distribution-of-business plan and the administrative organigram, as well as testing of amendment applications regarding the before mentioned plan, supervision of the regular up-dating by the administrative staff
  • Up-dating and publishing of the administrative organigram on our homepage

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