Project Inclusion Assistance (focus: Asperger autism)

Opening hours: 
Monday - Friday
after prior agreeement
Grantham-Allee 20
Sankt Augustin
Phone Number(s): 
+49 2241 865 9954
Email Address: 
inklusionsassistenz [at]
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During the winter term 2021/2022, H-BRS offers support to students with autism in Department Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism (EMT) through an inclusion assistance.

Background of this project are important elements of the diversity strategy: H-BRS wants to enable all students to achieve maximum success in their studies, to work together as partners and to enable participation, regardless of personal impairments among students. The "Inclusion Assistance" project is managed by the Diversity Management team in cooperation with the Health and Disability commissioner and is financed by funds from the "Inclusive University NRW" funding programme.

In future, further projects and measures with focus on inclusion are going to be implemented at H-BRS.

The Inclusion Assistance for students with autism provides:

  • General support with organization and management of everyday study life
  • Support in organising learning units and structure of learning
  • Support in communicating in everyday study life with university members and fellow students

Interested students can contact directly via email. The Coordinator for Inclusive University, Katrin Maag, is also available to answer any questions.