Responsibility forum

As we face increasing specialization and rapid change, the Responsibility Forum (Forum Verantwortung) aims to help us find direction, question insights and world views and act more responsibly.
Ranga Yogeshwar im Hörsaal
Exchange with Ranga Yogeshwar on ethical questions during a public lecture series. Photo: S. Flessing/H-BRS

The forum aims to inform the interested public about the interactions between science, society, politics, business, technology and culture. 

Complex questions are presented in simple language without simplifying the content and context, allowing people to learn more about the state of research and what science can and cannot do. 

The forum uses different event formats and interdisciplinary projects for its public outreach. Lecture series include "We need to talk..." (Wir müssen reden) and other events, where attendants can discuss ethical challenges and responsibility with distinguished experts.