Rodrigo Martinez, CSR & NGO Management

The consultant has returned to his home country Mexico to support several projects of both non-governmental organisations and private companies. The former class representative and now active middleman studied at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg from 2010 till 2012, and has a strong piece of advice for potential future students: “Come and enjoy Bonn!”
Alumnus Rodrigo Martinez
Rodrigo Martinez - HBRS Alumnus and Consultant from Mexico

“Have you ever thought about social responsibility, maybe engaging in something the government cannot achieve?” This question is the reason why Martinez came to H-BRS for two years to pursue his master degree. He is convinced that the valuable knowledge he received during his studies at H-BRS, gave him the foundation to overcome challenges during his current professional career. Studying at H-BRS gave him insights on how to compile a profitable business plan that helps developing Corporate Social Responsibility within different companies. At the moment, Martinez works together with companies and NGO’s and he creates fundraising strategies, strategic planning, SWOT analysis, business management, marketing design and makes sure to involve all stakeholders.

Alumnus Rodrigo Martinez with former class mates, other Alumni from HBRS during a workshop with Manuela Doutel Haghighi at the first International Alumni Conference 2015
Think Tank- Alumni from all over the world discussing their experiences with project management during a workshop at the International Alumni Conference 2015

During his studies, bilingual Martinez was very active and involved. He created an own alumni network for his semester and hence built a frame for constant exchange of feedback between the professors of this newly established master programme and its students. Former classmates describe him as extremely organised, reliable and praise his computer literacy and excellent communication skills.

During the workshops at the first International Alumni Conference in September 2015*, Martinez was able to discuss and reflect on his professional goals as a consultant: “My participation in such an event resulted in a boost to the performance indicators I have foreseen for the first semester of operations.” Furthermore, the CSR & NGO specialist was very much looking forward to meeting professors and seeing his former class mates again.

*The Alumni Conference was sponsored by the DAAD with funds of the German Federal Foreign Office and by Gesellschaft der Förderer der Hochschule Bonn- Rhein-Sieg.

By Marion Ender

Rodrigo Martinez about studying at H-BRS (in English)
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