The Senate of Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

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The Universtiy Senate is a central body of academic autonomy. It gives recommendations and statements on the university development plan, the economic plan and the distribution of posts and resources in the H-BRS. It also decides on regulations of the university and comments on the annual report of the President’s Office. Together with the University Council, the Senate elects the members of President’s Office in the University Assembly.

Voting members

Voting members of the H-BRS senate are nine representatives of the group of university professors and two representatives each of the group of academic staff and the group of technical and administrative employees as well as four representatives of the group of students.


  • Prof. Dr Norbert Jung (chair)
  • Prof. Dr Rudolf Berrendorf
  • Prof. Dr Andreas Gadatsch
  • Prof. Dr. Hektor Haarkötter
  • Prof. Dr Johannes Mockenhaupt
  • Prof. Dr Dirk Reith
  • Prof. Dr Wilhelm Schneider
  • Prof. Dr Martin Sieber
  • Prof. Dr Klaus Wetteborn

Academic staff

  • Ute Wünsche-Preuß
  • Olaf Stock

Technical and administrative staff

  • Martina Grein (vice chair)
  • Eva Tritschler


  • Klaus Hoge
  • Thorsten Lülsdorf
  • Hendrik Nyenhuis

Nonvoting members of the senate

  • Prof. Dr Hartmut Ihne, President
  • Prof. Dr Marco Winzker, Vice President
  • Prof. Dr Magit Geißler, Vice President
  • Prof. Dr Jürgen Bode, Vice President
  • Dr. Udo Scheuer, Vice President
  • Angela Fischer, Chancellor
  • Prof. Dr Susanne Peters-Lange, Dean of the Department of Social Security Studies
  • Prof. Dr Johannes Geilen, Dean of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism
  • Prof. Dr Wolfgang Heiden, Dean of the Department of Computer Science
  • Prof. Dr Michaela Wirtz, Dean of the Department of Natural Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Muck, Dean of the Department of Management Sciences
  • Dr. Barbara Hillen, Equal Opportunity Commissioner
  • Guido Krause, Health and Disability Commissioner
  • Marcus Faak, Chair of the Non-scientfic Staff Council
  • Robert Hartmann, Chair of the Academic Staff Council
  • André Sieger, Chair of the Student Committee (AStA)

Further information

If you are an employee at H-BRS University of Applied Sciences, you can call up details of the Senate via the internal database information storage system DIAS by clicking on DIAS/Additional Features (DIAS/Weitere Funktionen). If you are a student, you can access the information required via the "Student Information System" (SIS). Please apply for a username when first entering the system.