Elective Courses of the Language Centre

Registration for the language courses in the upcoming summer semester 2021 has ended. We will announce the start of the registration phase for the courses in the winter semester 2021/22 in due time.


Students have the option to study additional languages alongside their required courses. This semester the Language Centre is offering courses in the following foreign languages and topic areas (all links are to websites in German!):

Each course description contains information about the content of the course, time and room, the respective instructor, course materials and potential prerequisites. Furthermore, students can register directly via the Student Information System (SIS). A minimum of 12 participants is required for a course to take place. Students who require an English version of a specific course description are asked to contact the Language Centre (spz.info@h-brs.de).

The courses are classified according to the different levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Students who wish to attend a language course on A1 level (a course for beginners) are expected to have a reasonable command of the German language in order to be able to follow the course (for example instructions, grammar explanations et cetera).

If you would like to take a language course currently not offered by the Language Centre (for example in another language or with a focus on a specific subject), we can organize such a course for you - provided that at least 12 participants sign up to attend this class. As soon as you have found the required number of interested persons, please contact us with your suggestion.

Go to the documents on the right (Related Documents) for an overview of our current language courses to find out about rooms and times. Please note that information given to you in class or via messages from the Language Centre can be more current and will only be reflected in these lists once they have been updated.

The courses are free of charge for students enrolled at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University.