ICC Workshop: "Working Internationally"

Thursday 26 June 2014

"Working Internationally" was the title of an interactive workshop offered to students attending the Intercultural Communication courses on Rheinbach campus. The workshop was led by the senior expert Wolfram Hahnefeld and supported by Philipp Niermann from the Senior Expert Service, a non-profit organisation from Bonn.

"Developing a global mindset is essential in today's competitive business environment and the ICC course aims to provide the students with the necessary intercultural skills that current employers now demand" commented Eileen Küpper, head of the programme. The intention was to offer the students attending the compulsory "Intercultural Communication" classes in the Department of Management Sciences in Rheinbach some real life input. During the workshop Mr. Hahnfeld shared his experiences working abroad and underlined the necessity to be culturally sensitive and open minded towards different working and living approaches.

For further information about the workshop, please go to "Working Internationally".