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Workshop: Academic writing - From paraphrasing to citations


Friday, 21 June 2024


15:00 - 17:15

Online event


In the "Academic writing: from paraphrasing to citations " workshop, offered by the Writing Centre, you will learn how to avoid plagiarism and how to cite and paraphrase.

Have you already attended the workshop "Introduction to Academic Writing"?

This is a follow-up workshop concentrating on why correct citing and paraphrasing is so important with strategies on how to avoid plagiarism.

The workshop will also provide a brief review on structure and style. After the workshop you will have the opportunity to bring your own work for individual feedback and coaching.


Participation in this workshop is voluntary and is not reported to the Examinations Office (no ECTS).

This workshop counts towards the Academic Writing certificate.


Further information and registration in LEA.

Contact Person

Eva Goletz - SPZ

Eva Monika Goletz

M.A., Lecturer in English, Writing Centre


Sankt Augustin


F 419


Grantham-Allee 20

53757 Sankt Augustin

Contact hours

by appointment


+49 2241 865 9884