Student Theses

Bachelor, Master and PhD theses completed at IFGA


  1. Sara-Sophie Poethe. Bachelor Thesis. Validation of a method using Illumina Next Generation Sequencing for forensic DNA typing. Supervisor: Prof Richard Jäger
  2. Sandra Eickert. Bachelor Thesis. Identification of sequence variants of the human OXCT2 gene by next generation sequencing (NGS) of DNA.  Supervisors: Prof Oliver Sass, Prof Richard Jäger
  3. Mishell Montserratt García Villamarín. Bachelor Thesis. Characterization of High and Low Biomass Environmental Samples by 16S and ITS Targeted Amplicon Sequencing. Supervisor: Prof Martin Sieber
  4. Richard Tillmann. Bachelor Thesis. Establishment of Long-Range PCR assays for Next Generation Sequencing based Analysis of Parkinson Disease related Human Solute Carrier Genes. Supervisor: Prof Richard Jäger


  1. Jasmin Ewert. Bachelor Thesis. Establishment of a Long-Range PCR based NGS Assay for High Throughput Sequencing of the Human Parkinson’s Disease associated Transporter Genes SLC6A3 and SLC22A3.  Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Richard Jäger, Prof. Dr. Walter Witke.
  2. Arthur Cleal. Bachelor Thesis. Quantitative PCR based analysis of DNA degradation. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Richard Jäger.
  3. Rahinat Muhammad. Bachelor Thesis. The exploration of long-range polymerase chain reaction and next-generation sequencing procedures for the detection of mutations in the MPV17 gene. Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Hans Weiher.
  4. Anna Mona Rosendahl. Bachelor Thesis. Optimization of Loci Balance for Short Tandem Repeat Analysis by Next Generation Sequencing. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Richard Jäger.
  5. Yuleisy Lucrecia Whilby Hall. Bachelor Thesis. Development and Realisation of a Clinical Trial Regarding the Effect of Herbal Mouthwash with Antibacterial Properties for the Oral Microbiome of Healthy Subjects. Supervisor: Prof. Martin Sieber.
  6. Glenn MG Theunissen. PhD thesis. 2020. DNA profiling of single sperm cells and single skin flakes using micromanipulation and whole genome amplification. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Richard Jäger.


  1. Maria del Mar Boronat. Bachelor Thesis. Relationship between DNA degradation and post-mortem interval. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Richard Jäger.
  2. Adesanoye Neville Olabode. Meta-analysis of microbiome clinical trials and microbial analysis of skin and soil samples. Supervisor: Prof Martin Sieber.