Studying abroad

Studying abroad means engaging with different educational systems and cultures. Spending time abroad broadens your horizons, enhances your intercultural skills, improves your knowledge of foreign languages and – last but not least – is a great addition to your CV. The International Office provides information about the application process and all the formalities and preparations you need to deal with in order to study at the partner university of your choice.

Forms and additional information can be downloaded under "Related Documents".

Time spent abroad can take different forms:

  1. Studying at one of our partner universities
  2. Self-organised stay abroad
  3. Shorter periods abroad (e.g. at summer schools)

Information about intercultural preparations for your stay abroad, safety, health etc. can be found in the document "Fact Sheet for Periods Spent Abroad".


1. Studying at one of our partner universities

If you decide to spend one or two semesters at one of our partner universities, the advantage is that many organisational issues will already be solved for you. We support you throughout the application process and get in touch with your contacts at the partner university.

You don't have to pay tuition fees at many partner universities, while fees are reduced at others.

Places at partner universities are allocated on the basis of an internal application process. In many cases, studies abroad can be financially supported by scholarship programmes such as Erasmus+ or PROMOS.

At certain partner universities, it is possible to register on an international double degree programme.

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Application process:

First, please make sure you attend the information sessions on study abroad/practical semesters organised by your department. Further information, including advice on grants and scholarships, is available from the International Office. Please do not hesitate to stop by during our office hours or contact us for an appointment. To submit your application online please follow this link to the programme "Mobility Online".


These documents (in English*) will have to be upladed during the online application process via  "Mobility Online":

(*not required for courses at your partner university offered exclusively in German)

  • Signed declaration of consent regarding the Data Protection Policy (will be automatically generated by the system)
  • CV
  • Passport photograph
  • Full current PDF transcript in English (check transcript in English in SIS, choose “Full transcript with…” and check all relevant boxes. Students in the Department for Management Sciences please also check the box “average grade”); at the time of application the transcript should not be older than 4 weeks
  • Motivational letter (max. 1 ½ pages). Please explain your reasons for applying to study abroad, why you chose the respective partner university and what interests you most about the courses offered at that institution.
  • Students on German study programmes at H-BRS: proof of language proficiency according to the requirements of the host university*


Notes regarding proof of language proficiency*:

  • Information about the level of language knowledge required by the partner universities can be obtained from the International Office or the international coordinators in each department.
  • For students in the Department of Management Sciences (Sankt Augustin, BPO2008): language proficiency is proven by successfully completing a language exam at the minimum level of B2; if the guest university requires a higher level of language competence, this level has to be proven by the student (see BPO 2008).

Please submit your application by January 15th (for study abroad in the winter semester) or September 1st  (for study abroad in the summer semester - please see the additional comments below).


Applications from the Department of Natural Sciences (Biology, Forensic Sciences, Chemistry):

1. The internal deadline of the department is earlier. Please see the departmental website for more information:

2. Applications for the University of Palermo (practical phase for students of Forensic Science and Chemistry): application deadline June 15th of the previous year for study abroad beginning in the summer semester and December 15th of the previous year for study abroad beginning in the winter semester.


Application process in the "Mobility Online" online portal

You can find the link to the application form here: Application portal Mobility Online

In the first step, the application form asks for some personal data and you indicate which partner university you would like to apply for. An alternative choice can be indicated.

You choose:

- Erasmus (SMS) Exchange" if you wish to apply for a place at an Erasmus+ partner university.

- Non-Erasmus", if you are applying for a place at a partner university within Europe that is not an Erasmus+ partner university, and for all other non-European partner universities.

It is important that you select your degree programme correctly, then in the next step you will be shown the corresponding partner universities.

Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an e-mail confirmation asking you to register via the "Mobility Online" portal.

The link in the e-mail will take you directly to the correct page. There you enter your matriculation number for authentication and choose a user name and password (please remember!). You will also receive the user name again by e-mail. If you should forget your password, you can have a new one sent to you via "Forgot password".

You can then use this details to log into the portal and complete your application step by step.

After registration, you can upload the necessary application documents to the portal.

After the application deadline your documents will be checked and, if complete, forwarded to your respective academic department.

If you have any questions about the process or technical problems, please contact the International Office (


Please note:

The number of placements at the partner universities may be restricted. You can indicate a second partner university in your application as an alternative.
Placements at partner universities are preferentially allocated for the winter semester (application deadline January 15th). Any remaining placements are then allocated for the summer semester (application deadline September 1st). If you plan to apply for a semester abroad in the summer semester, it is absolutely necessary that you check the semester dates of the respective partner university, as they may clash with the semester dates at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. Furthermore, the courses offered may be limited in the summer semester.
Language proficiency requirements differ depending on the partner university and are documented in the partnership agreement. If the partner university does not have specific language requirements, the rules regarding proof of language proficiency stipulated by the respective department are valid.

The International Office will send you an e-mail in February/March (for the winter semester) or in October/November (for the summer semester) to let you known whether you have got a placement and notify you of any formalities that still need to be completed.


2. Self organised stay abroad

If you'd like to study in a particular country or at a certain university, or if you already have a specific plan in mind concerning your studies which cannot be implemented at any of our partner universities, please apply individually to the university of your choice. As a so-called free mover, you have the possibility to tailor your stay abroad exactly according to your wishes and aims.

The application process differs greatly from one country and university to the next. Most foreign universities charge tuition fees, which in certain cases can be very high. Because of this you should consider applying for a scholarship as well. 

You should also make sure beforehand whether the credits you will gain during your stay abroad will actually be recognized by your department.

Helpful tips can be found on the DAAD website.

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg


3. Shorter periods abroad

Spending time abroad is exciting and a life-changing experience. Still, it does not always have to be for a whole year or a semester. Shorter periods abroad, e.g. a summer school or language course, also allow for interesting insights and experiences.


Summer Schools

During a summer (or winter) school, you are able to take part in a course or project in a foreign country during the semester break. These courses usually take one to ten weeks and are ideal for furthering your knowledge of a certain subject. 

In most cases you will have to finance the summer school yourself, but for some it may be possible to get financial support – for example the DAAD’s "Go East" (DE) initiative, which provides funding for summer and winter schools in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia.

More information about summer schools in Europe (EN).


Language courses

Being able to speak two or more languages not only helps your personal development but is also a great qualification for future jobs. Learning a language abroad is particularly effective: your language skills improve not only by attending the language course but also by using the language in your everyday life.   

Many foreign universities offer language courses. This way, you also have the chance to get better acquainted with a university you are interested in. Private universities provide diverse offers and places at short notice while language courses at public universities are usually quite cheap. Many good offers can be found at language schools as well. 

You should keep in mind that searching for the right organisation and course will take some time. It is best to start researching and planning as soon as possible. Further information can be found on the webpages of Studieren Weltweit (DE) and the DAAD (DE).

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