There are a variety of different options for accommodation in Bonn or near the campus in Sankt Augustin, ranging from dormitories to privately arranged flat shares.

Student dormitories

A room in a student dormitory costs between 180 and 450 euros, depending on the size and living arrangement. One advantage is that the rooms are already furnished. All applications for dormitory rooms are handled by the Student’s Administration (Studentenwerk) in Bonn

ATTENTION: Please be aware that rooms offered by the Studentenwerk are cheaper than private dormitories; However, you have to be younger than 30 to be eligible for them. Additionally, you might have to share the kitchen and/or bathroom with other students and most dormitories are gender-mixed.


In addition to the Student’s Administration, churches also operate dormitories but have a separate set of application requirements.

For more information, please visit katholische-Studentenwohnheime (catholic church) or esg-bonn (protestant church).


There are a couple of private dormitories, which offer Apartments for students. These are a little more expensive as the dormitories offered by the Studentenwerk. However, these are very modern, fully furnished and there is no age limit.

We recommend to look at Stuhaus, which offers single and double apartments (two rooms sharing one bath room and kitchen) directly at the Campus Sankt Augustin. With this dormitory you may give your preference on your flat mate.

There is a second private dormitory, called Studentshome, which is located in Endenich (about 45min away from Sankt Augustin).

The third private dormitory is called QuatierWest. It is located in Bonn-Duisdorf (about 35km away from Sankt Augustin), but it is located directly at a train station called Bonn-Duisdorf Bahnhof. Additionally, you will need only 5-10min to reach Bonn center.

ATTENTION: Please be aware that the rent for rooms/apartments offered by private comapnies excludes heating, water usage, internet & TV. Please ask, what costs you will need to expect.


Most students live in a flat share (WG = Wohngemeinschaft). In this arrangement, each person gets his own room in an apartment and everyone shares the kitchen and bathroom. Advantages of flat shares include reduced living costs and easy access to a social network. The rent will likely be between 250 and 350 euros. Because shared flats are popular amongst students, it is a good idea to start looking for one early. There are Internet portals such as for this purpose, as well as blackboards at the University.


Renting an apartment is generally the most expensive alternative. The advantage, however, is one’s own kitchen and bathroom. Students can find rental options in the newspaper, through the blackboards at the University or via many internet portals. Inexpensive furniture can be purchased at many charitable second hand stores.

Unless you have a friend or family living in Germany, make sure to book a room/bed in a hotel or a hostel, because it is quiet impossible for you to get access to your room/apartment the same day you arrive.