Application Instructions - Analysis and Design of Social Protection Systems

In order to apply for the programme, please follow four simple steps:

  1. prepare all required documents;
  2. digitalize them;
  3. submit an online application;
  4. take and pass the entry examination;
  5. send officially certified copies of your documents;
  6. and pay semester controibution;

You will find a detailed description of each step below.


1. Collect all required documents

  • Degree certificate(s), transcript(s) and description of grading system. In case your degree is issued in a language other than English or German, verified translations of your records need to be submitted as well.
  • Proof of at least 5 months work experience (incl. unpaid internships and/or voluntary work) in a field related to social protection. We require a letter signed by your employer detailing the exact dates of your employment, the number of hours worked  weekly, your specific duties, as well as a paragraph on the organization or company explaining its field of work, mission statement, etc. The letter should bear an official stamp and include the official contact details of your immediate supervisor (work phone number and work email). If you worked for an international organization, please include the reference number.
  • English proficiency, with a minimum level of C1 according to the common European framework of reference for languages, certified by one of the following tests. Unless they are a native speaker or conducted their previous studies in English

Click here more information on the admission requierements.


2. Scan and save all documents as PDF files.


3. Online application

Please read instructions below before you proceed to our Online Application Portal (open the link in a separate tab):

  1. Please click on the link to the online-application portal.
  2. Click on the link “Analysis and Design of Social Protection Systems”.
  3. Enter your personal data in the designated fields.
  4. You can use the field “Letter of Motivation” for typing. Alternatively, you may upload your Motivation Letter later on as a PDF file in the section “Checklist”.
  5. Once you have completed the data entry process the section “Checklist” will appear. Please upload the required documents.
  6. Your personal user number and password will be displayed at the end of the process. Please save this information as you will need it to track the status of your application.
  7. Once you have submitted your application no amendments or additions are possible. You will however be able to upload missing documents (you will need the user number and password!)


4. Send officially certified copies of your documents

Within two weeks after each respective deadline, you will receive information about the status of your application. In case your application is approved you will be required to send officially certified copies of your documents as soon as possible. In case your documents have not been issued in either in German or English, you will need to submit officially certified translations into one of these languages. Please, be ready to provide the original documents during the enrollment process at the university (do not send them)! You will receive more information on this process at the given time.


5. Entry Examination


6. Payment

Students are required to pay a semester contribution of around € 280 per Semester, which includes a 6 month public transportation ticket for travelling within the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Students need to pay this contribution before they enrole personally here in Germany. Please be aware that slight adjustments of the fee can be expected.