Private Insurance

Overview of some insurance companies (in alphabetical order):

CareConcept AG

TARGET GROUP: students, doctoral candidates, scholars (all up to age 35) SERVICES: Tarif Care College; health insurance, additional personal accident and liability insurance CONTRACT DURATION: 1 month to 4 years CONTACT: Mr. Dietmar Hahn; Am Herz-Jesu-Kloster 20, 53229 Bonn PHONE:  +49 (0) 228 - 977 35830 WEB:

CareMed Reiseversicherung (Travel Insurance)

TARGET GROUP: students, trainees, academic staff SERVICES: travel health insurance, personal accident-, luggage-, liability insurance, travel assistance COSTS: as of  27,00 € CONTRACT DURATION: 1-24 months POLICY TERRITORY: CareMed: world wide except USA and Canada; CareMed Global: world wide inclusive USA and Canada CONTACT: Ms. Katrin Schwering; Oscar-Romero-Alle 15, 53113 Bonn PHONE:  +49 (0) 228 - 5554 900 WEB:

Continentale (DAAD-Gruppenversicherung)

TARGET GROUP: students from partner organisations, graduate students, scientists, doctoral candidates SERVICES: Combined health-, personal accident- and private liability insurance through the group agreement of the DAAD COSTS: 64,00 € per month CONTACT: Versicherungsstelle des DAAD PHONE (Mo-Fr in the morning): +49 (0) 228 - 882 -400 or ext. -505 or ext. -630 PHONE (Mo-Th in the afternoon):  +49 (0) 228 - 882 8644 WEB:

EDUCARE 24 | Dr. Walter GmbH

TARGET GROUP: students, trainees, scientists SERVICE: health insurance; additional personal accident and liability insurance COSTS: from 31,00 € per month CONTRACT DURATION: according to agreement POLICY TERRITORY: EU inclusive Switzerland CONTACT: PHONE:  +49 (0) 2247 - 9194 986 WEB:,

Hanse-Merkur Reiseversicherung AG

TARGET GROUP: students, trainees, language students SERVICES: health insurance, additional liability and personal accident insurance CONTRAC DURATION: max 1 year CONTACT:, Siegfried-Wedells-Platz 1, 20354 Hamburg PHONE: +49 (0) 40 - 4119 3000

Mawista Reise- und Krankenversicherung

TARGET GROUP: students, trainees and participants at language courses, academic staff (and family members) SERVICES: health insurance, additional personal accident and liability insurance COSTS: from 33,10 € per month CONTRACT DURATION: from 1 month to max. 5 years POLICY TERRITORY: mawista-student: EU inclusive Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Island CONTACT: Mr. Thomas Bezler PHONE: +49 (0) 7024 - 46951-10 WEB: