Short Courses

Short on time, but interested in a particular social protection topic? Looking for a short, in-depth, course with renowned social protection experts? Then our short courses will certainly be of interest to you. We offer high-quality specializations on current social protection topics with a great practice-orientation.


Official start: July 15-26 and September 11-18, 2019

Duration: 2 weeks online and 1 week face-to-face (overall 80 contact hours)

Fees: 1,300 EUR (excludes travel or accommodation expenses)

Application Deadline: May 31, 2019



Participants have the choice between 7 specializations, which will take place in parallel:

  • Climate Change*
  • Health*
  • Migration
  • Old Age
  • Return to work
  • Vulnerability*
  • Implementation of Cash Transfer Programmes

*As of March 20, 2019: These courses will definitely take place. The rest will only take place, if we receive at least 10 registrations per specialization. 


[S1] Climate Change

  • Theory and Concepts of Climate Change & Adaptation
  • Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction- Policy and Practice
  • Climate Change, Disaster Risk & Social Protection - the Nexus
  • Innovative Financial Solutions to serve the Nexus (Micro Insurance- Weather Indexed Insurance Schemes)

Partners: WorldBank, Munich Re Foundation, UNFCCC, UNU


[S2] Health

  • Health care financing
  • Controlling in the health insurance system
  • Prevention and health promotion
  • Health systems design

Partners: AOK, Witwatersrand University


[S3] Migration

  • Introduction to migration
  • Migration and development
  • Migration and social protection in the destination country
  • Migration and social protection in the origin country 

Partners: Maastricht University


[S4] Old Age

  • Modelling pension systems
  • Governance of pension schemes
  • Social pension
  • Life-stage approach to age

Partners: HelpAge, Witwatersrand University


[S5] Return to work (R2W)

  • Social Security & Inclusion of People with Disabilities
  • Legal & Policy Imperatives for R2W Programs
  • Good Practice Standards for R2W
  • Refocusing Organisations & Systems on R2W Priorities

Partners: Pacific Coast University Canada


[S6] Vulnerability

  • Poverty & vulnerability analysis and targeting methods
  • Gender & social protection
  • Child protection
  • Social protection & social inclusion

Partners: IDS, OPM, ODI


[S7] Implementation of Cash Transfer Programmes

  • Project cycle design
  • Supply capacity analysis, targeting & enrolment
  • Co-responsibility compliance & transfer payments
  • Case management, monitoring & organizational structure

Partners: Ayala Consulting


An academic qualification (bachelor’s degree) or relevant professional experience is sufficient to qualify for the short courses. Interested candidates should fill in an application form. The candidate will be immediately notified once the assessment committee has screened the application as well as the available places in the course.

Application Deadline:

May 31, 2019



In terms of logistics, we would be very happy to assist. The university campus in Sankt Augustin is well located as it is close to the ICE high speed train station (40 minutes from the airport in Frankfurt), not far from the city center of Bonn (15 minutes by public transport) and close to the airport Cologne / Bonn. In Bonn and Sankt Augustin there are several guest houses, B&B or hotels.