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Department of Social Policy and Social Security Studies

Information for Incoming Students

Bachelor Programme "Sustainable Social Policy" (BA)

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Do you think our globally connected society needs people to tackle problems such as growing poverty, unequal opportunities and social injustice? People who do even more than just talk about them?

If you are considering studying one term at BRSU’s Department of Social Policy and Social Protection, you will gain insights in the entire range of social policy issues in the Federal Republic of Germany but also at international level such as poverty and wealth, education opportunities, health insurance, participation in decision-making, elections and intergenerational contracts. The teaching is conducted by experts in social policy and social protection who are highly experienced in the field of social policy.

The majority of the courses will be taught in German. However, it is also possible to attend certain courses in English. In addition, we offer a special International Social Policy Certificate. As a successful participant of this programme you will be awarded our Certificate. This Certificate will enrich your academic record and showcase your international focus.

Certificate: 4-5 courses required

Courses in English:

  • Professional English for Social Policy and other language courses
  • International Social Policy
  • Poverty and inequality
  • Courses in the specialization fields society, economics, and communication with altering topics (e.g. International Social Governance, European Social Policy, Social Innovation, Transnational Labour Migration and Sustainable Developemt; Development Economics, Family Economics and Policies, Social Transfers; Climate Change Risk Communication, Blogging)
  • Supplementary courses (e.g. Social and Societal Policy in South Eastern Europe; Podcasting – Talking Texts, Intercultural Communication & Diversity Management, Academic Writing Classes)
  • Upon consultation: Courses from the English Master’s programme “Analysis and Design of Social Protection Systems” (
  • Upon consultation: Courses from one of the other university departments

Language requirement for courses in German: B2 or higher.
Language requirement for courses in English:  B2 or higher.

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