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Institute for Technology, Renewables and Energy-efficient Engineering (TREE)

Trainings and practical seminars

Advanced training plays an important role in order to promote and improve your staff and your company.

In our seminars, we would like to have you a part in our advanced experience in the fields of failure analysis of polymer materials as well as material- and component testing. All participants will be introduced into the complex correlation between materials and their processing and application. Moreover, they will learn how to analyse damaged components and how to interpret the observations made. We know how important it is to link theoretical aspects to the practical problems.

For this reason we offer the following seminars:

  • Failure analysis for polymers, composites and adhesives, ​3 day laboratory seminar from 24th of March to 26th of March 2020, Campus Rheinbach
  • Failure analysis and construction component testing of polymers, 1,5 day theoretical seminar from 29th to 30th of September 2020, Campus Rheinbach


Here, the theoretical aspectes will be performed in the lab within the event. Your advantage: The practical exercises will help you to understand and delve into all the theory learned before.

On request we will adapt the content of our trainings to your requirements and wishes. Seminars can be held on our Campus as well as at your place (in-house seminar), whether with practical or theoretical focus - willingly using your current cases of interest.

We will adjust the topics of our seminars, so that all participants will gain the maximum profit. 

Our seminars will deal with the following topics:


Fundamental seminar

  • Properties, processing and application of thermoplasts
  • Properties, processing and application of duroplasts and elastomeres


Operator seminars

  • Characterisation and evaluation of mechanical and thermal properties of polymers
  • Polymer analysis
  • Failure analysis and construction component testing of polymers


Practical seminars

  • Working with thermal analysis methods (DSC, DMA, DEA)
  • Working with mechanical analysis methods (tensile test, bend test, notch-bar impact test, relaxation, etc.)
  • Use of Pyrolysis-GC/MS
  • Identifying polymers
  • Use of the microscope for the analysis of polymere construction components
  • Failure analysis of polymeres, composites and adhesions

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Portrait Johannes Steinhaus (DE)

Johannes Steinhaus

Vice Dean, Professor in Materials Science - Hybrid Materials and Failure Analysis , Head of Industry Cooperations in TREE Institute




I 207


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53359, Rheinbach


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